2. Why don’t you tell the future?

Date: 7 March 2019 | Written by: admin

The future is unfolding based on intent, and trust. What we intend is the direction we take in life as well as our attitude, and beliefs. What we believe we deserve, the actions we take, and what we do with what we currently have. Choice gives empowerment. You will never be told you are a victim. As the emotional side of ourselves should be revered. We all feel dis-empowered, upset and angry at times. Life leads to choice, reflection, action and your ability to receive and give. These card readings steer away from traditional card readings. Instead of telling you what to do, you can go within to ask yourself for the gentle guidance given. Always giving you the power to decide what works for you, and what is right for you!


Every future you can envision is probable a possibility. Meaning Its not set, and the actions you take, alongside the choices your making lead to the probability of what your intending. Many people can be vulnerable or going through distress when coming for readings. Being so some want to be told how there life will be. Which really is taking away there power to choose, guide and direct there own lives! Telling someone there future can be disempowering. However letting a person guide there own life is different. Another person always operates as catyalst to being up your inner beliefs and attitudes. These card readings are geered to put back response, and action into your life. Not only giving you food for thought but a lot to work on and think about.