How Visionary heart began!

Visionary heart started as a free service back in 2011 in response to difficulties in my life. Ones that we all face. 

“Laura (Phoenix) is an amazing person, so gentle with her words and really helps you dig deep into your real issues, I somehow left feeling taller, stronger and like I was totally in control of myself. The reading left me feeling optimistic about the future and that I’m capable of more than I even knew. Lots of love to you Laura.”

Taisha Harding, United Kingdom

It became apparent to me where qualities of kindness, beauty, play, and compassion were missing. Where there was a lack of authenticity and naturalness. Where being whole-hearted was a vision and sharing power a dream. Competition and control are apparent in the world!

A deeper authenticity calls us all. Where the Phoenix within us is asked to be reborn in every situation. The fires of transmutation are great, the cooling waters the same. Society calls for perfection lets call for being ourselves.

Where many benefit at the expense of others. Freedom of expression and, the individual thinker is not honored. Where integral values need to be incorporated into materialistic values. Both!

Visionary heart is about finding Vision in your life no matter what is happening. To know that the only expert on who you are is you! It is an accumulation of wisdom and experience

Happiness comes from a connection to the self

Happiness comes from a connection to self. It also comes from a connection to others. Including our own hearts. So I stepped out, into the thick of it. This is the age of illumination, the age of the modern buddhi! Awareness is about being in touch with your inner environment, feeling, and thoughts. Unity with all parts of the self.

There is no feeling state that is not valid. And no feeling state that deserves not to be recognized and validated. Sometimes the healing we seek is an ongoing journey of befriending our feelings and thoughts. To learn to talk to them differently and feel safe in experiencing them.

The world is not always a positive and happy place. Neither is it just a negative place either. To live is to live with both negative and positive feelings. This, in turn, brings about deeper understanding and compassion towards the self.

This space being ourselves. It allows us to receive our experiences fully. When we are aware of the process within us. We can then learn to challenge what does not work and work towards what will. We can come up with more responsive and creative ways to live in the world. Ones that honor our personal Vision and heart.

Visionary heart is an entirely free service. However, some customers want to and have asked to donate. ou can donate through PayPal by clicking the link. Donate to Visionary heart