Channelling Michael

What is Purification but a Baptism into self

Archangel Michael

Read below the many conversations had with Archangel Michael, through automatic writing and Channelling. Below you will find Michael’s reflections on life, death, peace, loneliness and faith and any may more topics. So Grab a cuppa and pull up a chair

I am clairvoyant (which is clear seeing) claircognizant, (which is clear knowing) and clairsentient, which is clear feeling. I use the natural presence of the Oracle cards and myself as a channel for the unconscious mind. I also do channelling through creative writing. I believe we connect with the deeper parts of ourselves that are part of the transpersonal. Because that which deems not to be of us, on the deepest levels is. These parts seek witness and expression, they have always sought expression. Through all people, all places, and all things.

The formless nature of spirit manifests through the metaphors and vocabulary of man. Stay updated for the channellings of spirit on this page when and as they’re added, or check out Visionary heart on Facebook for more. I do not offer mediumship, so this cannot be requested. If i feel there is a presence when doing a card reading i will share that.

Prayer is the speech that your innermost self hears. prayer is not really something God must hear; it is something you must hear.

Archangel Michael

Michael on Unbounded Passion

(Michael) What is our passion, but the unbounded spirit soaring amongst the stars. Each star a light in the firmament of heaven. What is heaven but the world you make for yourselves? And the hell you make runs deeper. We know each heaven and hell you face is made only when you choose to have it define you! Define what you it does at times! Yet in those times, you can reach further. Reach further into the recess of your finite self that is part of an infinite self of life! Fear not any hell you face, for it moulds you into a diamond. Take no heaven for granted as it too is a passing phase. What is not passing is the eternal presence of you, which is that all life beholds, with you contained within it. The form may pass, but the spirit does not. So live with passion, a fire in your heart, and let it bring meaning to all you do.

Michael on Loving yourself

(Michael) We say, where is the love for yourself? If you have not treated yourself as a world within itself, a world beyond a world. Then you have not saved yourself. Resurrection is the only thing you can give yourself. To be a light for yourself before you can be for any other. Not to be their source, but to help them find the source of themselves. To love yourself is to know you are your entire world, and upon its surface and in its depths, there is only God, as life!

Michael on Betrayal

(Michael) Life cannot betray you, it is that you that betrays yourself. Giving up is as easy as giving in. Yet, if you give up, then make sure that you are giving up your burdens to the part of you that can carry those things. For those parts in you that have the strength to carry those burdens, are really the arms of angels in disguise. Each person can be a different angel, as much as you.

Michael on Honesty

(Michael) Honesty is a thorn of inspiration in the heart of men. It is one that pricks greatly to remind them of where they are untrue to themselves and others! Lies may seem beautiful and soft like the full blooming rose, but her softness you remember in her petals, only when it lasts. Thorns are the truth that leaves a bitter mark. One that kisses your skin in remembrance!

(Michael) Truth and lies come as one. Simply because, honesty is only liberated when it sees the beauty of itself. What it realizes is that a lie may seem beautiful. Yet a lie becomes ugly without the presence of thorns. What is a rose without thorns that prick? We remember the pain of honesty and love, as well as its presence! Because it hurts. Because honesty is love! We find both our sorrow and salvation in it! in. It becomes the laboring pain of a mother to be, the loss of someone on their death bed. It is all these things. Because it is the honesty of life.

The honesty of life is only tested by our lies. Lies are beckoned in by the youth of age, and scorned also in old age. Honesty equally scorned. For it brings the pains and joys of life. Only when to arrive at our death beds with us. Yet when we arrive our last breathe the gateway in which life and new life enters. We realize life never really leaves and enters because it was always present. But what has the chance to leave and enter is instead the honesty of our lives.

Michael on Death

(Michael) What happens to a breath? It goes to another as it does now. Even your breath is not yours entirely alone. all share one breath. When the passing of a cloud dies others form or become sweet rain. With the passing of a body, another comes to be. You are housed in the mind of God/life. Like a shadow in the sun is not seen until certain conditions are there. Breath is one long cycle. In and out, one becoming the other. Life breathes into you, and you breathe it out. Others breathe what you have and that same breath in life. On your last breath you leave, but life continues to breathe you in and out, and so do others. They exist as everything and in everyone. Yet can also be summoned into one place.

Michael on Purpose

(Michael) A purpose is not given, because of hopes you would find one. Oh, your finding is small and great. Called from within, through your greatest hearts wishes. We know that the finding of it will be more precious than when you have it in your arms.

For purpose is manifold. The greater purpose was being you, the second what comes of that, and the third in being happy. For what purpose does not bare the fruits of its own efforts? Each effort one reed stacked against another. If one falls, they all fall. What care should you have here, but for yourself, of life? Purposelessness exists to put you in touch with space and its expansion.

You rise within that space as the purpose and purposeful. You are loved by it, wrapped in it like the starry lit sky. You discover such purpose in being it, through doing it, which becomes being it. Instead of asking what you can become, ask what you are being now. Work from that point. The purpose you bring to life is you. Purposefulness searched for a purpose to love itself what it found was your face, its body as form, its sensations and feelings as an expression. The arm of the universe wanted you, as much as you wanted it. You give birth to things as life gives birth to things, to express and expand on its behalf. Its most important moment was you. It was all things. All expressions dancing. Playing, creative experiencing. Life is your faithful friend. Fulfilment is found in being you, by doing that purpose through you as life as individuation. If you are asking should you experience hurt or fulfilment? Live with fulfilment in spite of it. Spring comes despite winter, both exist in harmony. Allowing all things to be.

You are not without hands, feet or heart. All experienced, yet not in conflict, but at times seeming so. Where you go, life goes. Make things all bright and beautiful. For they recognize each other as partners. For the eyes were given to see, as you were given to life.

Finding me has never been hard. We are in the mirror every time you look. Your deepness belongs to you as us. And your freedom within is untouched. Boundless space and we rise within to greet it.

Archangel Michael


To deny the world that beats at your chest, and draws blood from you, without your consent, is because you make the world your enemy as you have become an enemy to your internal states. Simply because you are blind to it, so therefore are not in partnership with it. Your denial hurts and takes some more until you are ready to take off your blindfold. And doing so is painful, no more than a grazed knee being exposed to the air after being bound for too long.

Your blindfold allows you to see nothing, but yet you feel everything. And if you pretend something is not there, will it go away? Denial wants to give to you, its hurts, its heartbreaks, its jealousy, its victimhood, its betrayal and rejections. And if you accept you are, then this too becomes a place of sacred reverie, where you find power and stop using your hidden hand against the world. And you stop betraying and rejecting yourself and that world. For the world has nothing against you! Other than what you hold against yourself. And the same blindfold you try to put across the eyes of others and call it awareness.