You might find the answer to some frequently asked questions below.

How do i Know if an Oracle Card reading is right for me?

An Oracle Card reading may not be right for everyone. It all depends on what it is you feel you need, and what you feel is right for you. Also your ideas around what you believe an Oracle reading is. An oracle card reading can support you to discover more about your hidden beliefs, and form a new relationship with yourself. Please take a look in more detail about how a reading can support you by clicking here: How can an Oracle reading help support me.

Why don’t you tell the future? Can an Oracle card reading tell the future?

The future is unfolding based on intent, and trust. What we intend is the direction we take in life as well as our attitude, and beliefs. What we believe we deserve by taking the actions towards that. Also what we do with what we currently have. Choice gives empowerment. You will never be told you are a victim. As the emotional side of ourselves should be revered. We all feel dis-empowered, upset and angry at times. And sometimes we do feel like a victim, and that’s okay. Life is about choice. These card readings steer away readings that pretend to know the future, which of course occurs because of the interplay of actions and behaviours you are doing right now!

Every future you can envision is probable a possibility. Meaning It’s not set, and the actions you take, alongside the choices you’re making lead to the probability of what your intending. Many people can be vulnerable or going through distress when coming for readings. Being so some want to be told how there life will be. Which really is taking away their power to choose, guide and direct their own lives! Telling someone there future can be disempowering. However, letting a person guide there own life is different. Another person always operates as a catalyst to bring up your inner beliefs and attitudes. These card readings are geared to put back response, and action into your life. Not only giving you food for thought but a lot to work on and think about.

How do Card readings work?

Card readings work by bringing into awareness the hidden in yourself, so you can make a choice, rather than no choice. If you discover not making a choice works for you, then do that. By working with what you were not aware of you can then do what is best for you. No more forcing you to move forward in life. As life is natural and movement happens on its own. However, what you are doing can help or hinder you. That is about what you believe helps or hinders you, not what others do. We all have a deeper part of ourselves where guidance exists. That part some believe connects to spiritual sources. Being human is spiritual as that is how we were made. However, a card reading is not about following what I believe is best for you, but considering options, and self-trust. Getting in touch with your feelings, and looking at your choices

How old do i have to be to have a reading?

Its a requirement that your 18 years of age!

What makes your readings different?

I use a huge range of skills to bring what is conflicting into awareness. This uses on the spot intuition that is meaningful, insightful and profound. A reading can give you a lot to reflect on. Things that you may have not considered before, not limited to different perspectives. Also i use a lot of therapeutic tools and applications, not limited to some tools from Psychology of visions (steps to Leadership programme) And my time spent in Bereavement care visiting clients in their homes. And as a past Support worker and carer. Please not i am not a qualified psychologist

How do i book

You can follow this link: I want to book a reading

What happens to my information when i Book?

Please take a look at my Privacy police to view how your information is handled! Privacy Policy – Visionary Heart (visionary-heart.com)

How long is a Oracle card reading?

All readings are usually 60 mins long, although they tend to come to a natural end.

Do i have to donate? Are readings free?

Readings are free, however, donations are welcomed. I can provide a link for you to donate to Paypal or there is a donation link on my bio page there, simply because some people only feel comfortable if they can give something in return

Can i cancel, how do i cancel a reading?

If you choose to cancel please do so within 24hrs of your booking. Your reading can be re-scheduled if you wish. When you book, the confirmation email you receive will contain a link to re schedule or cancel There is a no-show policy of 15 minutes. If you are late you will be asked to reschedule. This ensures a fair service to all who book to keep appointments on time.
Furthermore, all grievances can be addressed to
or on tel: 01295369323
mob: 07518810613
Everything will be done possible to resolve your query. I try to ensure people are happy with the service received. If you do not believe your reading was delivered with reasonable care or skill, I will endeavour to resolve that matter. Please consult information on your consumer rights.