Happiness is about who we are

Date: 7 January 2018 | Written by: admin

Happiness is really about who we are. That is not to say that you can’t have things. Ironically there is a second truth to that! That nothing lasts, and being so we can base the foundation of happiness on experiencing life. Uncertainty. Instead of making uncertainty a fear, making it a close friend. Being grateful for what you have, friends and family. Give yourself to each other with your full hearts. Some live exceedingly closed lives. Get to know people, befriend others. You live with yourself every day. Partner with you and become your own best friend. Talk to people, reach for them. Use your labels to encourage others and yourself.  Nothing exists alone.  How much would you love if it was your last day? How much would you love if it was the first day? Who would you include! Who would you say you were sorry too? How would you live! 

Intimacy is the willingness to put itself out there in life. To see and be seen because you exist. To take the risk. To love. Love is like a knife, it is double-edged. You cannot have one side without the hurt. You risk being hurt because you love. The choice is to never love and never be hurt. To love and risk that love. It is no difference that trusting that your heart will keep beating. You take it for granted. When you make love safe, then you make uncertainty safe. If you have given one thing in life, just one. Then it’s more than some have. If you have given your friendship to someone, even the unknown! It is more than many have! it is not in the quantity that we give, but the quality of what we give. If you have the ability to feel, then you have the ability to have compassion..

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