Healthy Conditions

Date: 17 March 2018 | Written by: admin

Having healthy conditions are about self love. Lets face it who wants to live in a world with no conditions, consequence or responsibility. Learning to live in the world with what is, and transform those things entirely or utilizing them in a healthy way. What are healthy conditions? Its these things which give us a platform to respond from. Many people talk about having no conditions in life as people naturally think conditions and love go together. The reality is you can have conditions and still love people. Such conditions may mean something as simple as letting someone use your wifi on the condition they give you five pounds a month to help you pay for the cost.

Other conditions are more natural, such as doing the work your employed to do, and you do it on the condition you get paid. These conditions are a level of trust between you and another person, and are not be viewed as negative. While there are many things in life we do for others without a return, conditions are a conscious agreement you make with others. Giving free things is kind and great. Many of us do it profusely. However it can lead to patterns of giving where people only then love you for what they need. When people can love you both in what you give, and what you don’t give, that is true. Learning to work with ourselves and others, as after all everything works together. 

Healthy Conditions

Healthy conditions are ones we agree to put in place to honor ourselves and others. Without them people wont know whats expected of us and we can set up covert ways to be with people which isn’t honoring at all. Conditions allow us to put agreements in place that we uphold with commitment and respect to deliver what we promise. We can then work with what is not working to see if we can find another way or resolution. Conditions are not about loving someone on the condition of. Nor are conditions used as a way to manipulate others. Conditions should be used and seen as a way to enhance trust, mutual agreements and yet also work for both. As we build trust in relationships, we can actually live by principles, and being open. Starting with trust in our relationship is a beginning point, followed by conditions. Sometime it’s the lack of what we are not doing and what we could do, that makes all the difference.

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