Healthy helping

Date: 25 May 2018 | Written by: admin

Healthy helping for me concerns asking about the kind of help a person needs and establishing that. Some people clearly approach wanting help yet i have not established whether they want a listening ear or some form of guidance. Many people want to be told what to do. ‘Should they leave there boyfriend,.’ ‘Should they move back in with there ex.’ Is he new job there going for going to work out,’  In reality, for most people they want to be told what they need to be doing, and what is right and wrong for them! However, a persons life isn’t a cookery list of instructions, on how to back a cake!  which is a bit different for example than outlining a job you need someone to do and asking if they are in receipt of the right training and knowledge to do so.  Or having a person outline the kind of actions they want to take. 

Healthy helping

So many are caught up in deciding what will work out for others or not in life. When sometimes positive encouragement is all people may need. Real guidance isn’t about telling people what is right or wrong for them, or steering them in a direction we believe is right for us. We all want people to be happy? What is happiness for someone else? What makes you happy in life? How can you bring more of that too you. How can you meet your needs, or ask someone for help? After all everything on some level is always meeting a need. What makes your inner child sing and dance. However in peoples lives, its about knowing, that we can never know what it is to be in a relationship with someone else’s friend,mother or father from that other persons perspective.

Most of all is the help they want, help we can offer. Does it tax our resources ? How long is the help your giving likely to last? Can an agreement be set up on ensuring its not long term? is the help your giving purely free, or is there some kind of agreement in place set up for a return. Can you establish what is working for that person, and what is not! What do they want to change? What are they already happy with? Do they want to be refered to some certain resources or knowledge. People generally can come to there own conclusions on what is best for themselves when the right questions are asked. 

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