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Michael on building a foundation


Michael: Build your body your house on the rock, its foundation deep. Let none pierce your side or heel. What inhibits you, your own name. If your heart is pierced what good are you? Offend not the heart. Nor actions from it. It is said that is better to pass into heaven with one eye, one hand than two hands, two eyes which come from your offended heart.

Michael: Your heart offends itself, through not living all you come to be. Anything stored there is filled, not with love but emptiness then. Love is the foundation of what is earned, given, and received. So have much in life, whatever that is but fill it with love, the same love you are worthy of first. That you give to you. All people, nations are of the same fold, cloth. They are single threads. Called by a name greater than them. For all of what they believe, expresses to them in their own way as it should. We are all called to be ourselves, one humanity and many people. Many values, beliefs and personal truths. United by passion, freedom of our hearts.

On Awakening

Michael: Never be afraid to cry because tears wash away the pain and purify. In the solitude that follows is the silent kiss and thought provoking things, that can open your mind to higher wisdom and knowledge deep inside. You do not have to be strong or act strong to prove that you are. You are strong for just living your life with all its colourful twists and turns. Never be afraid of change even of the painful changes you do not really want to happen. Life is a journey

Michael: The infinite destinations are not as important as the many roads that lead there. Never be afraid of letting go of things that do not serve you, child. Beliefs that have tested you are beliefs that were there to clear out wise strong ones. They were simply what you feared yourself to be already, were they not shown for this reason? The things we need to keep will be deep within us, they are permanent memories revealed. You are stronger than you think. Grief is bitter yes, but essential.

Michael: It will be so hard at times and you will want to give up. Instead of doing so learn from your pain. Take what you need from it and cast away the rest. You will have learned what you needed to learn even if it is not evident. Allow it to let you become more beautiful. Your understanding of that which is unknown will pave the way for other bright ones. Never be afraid of losing or failing. There will be times when you will triumph just as there will be times when you will fail

Michael: Life is hard yet equally wonderful, yet it is also neither and you make it so. The most precious gift is just to be alive, to taste, to breathe and to feel. So when sadness beckons, find the beauty within yourself. Beauty was created by Divinity or whatever you may believe. For beauty is that which is real and all else is folly

Archangel Gabriel on Communication

What has love become

Gabriel: When we learn to speak from our heart’s desire we strike the match that is unlit. We strike the stone that is not carved to leave our mark as a ripple in time. Noone will have ever spoken in your voice. Or has seen through your own eyes. You are a ripple in time. That then becomes a memory in someone’s heart when you are gone. When we are faced with being untrue to ourselves we are not living.

Gabriel: The dead also speak while they live. Because the dead walk as people who have never communicated their souls desire. Their passions gone in being what they are not to gratify others. Hollow they are, and hollow are the hands that do not give in supplication. Unkind are the minds that keep locked inside the expressions that want to be free. They like dry stalks do not bring forth what they were designed to do. To speak. Sometimes speech is like a soft touch and a soft gaze.

Gabriel:Other times it is a harsh word that cleaves the joy from you. We were meant to cast our voices out to the sounds of creation. As the unspoken is like a child that has not been born into the world. Your heart was meant to see and yearn, speak, to feel, to fight to anger. You were made to fashion yourself from the belly of life. To be the potter with clay. Be with us by having the confidence and courage to speak. Be with us and raise your voice. Be with us as all you do is communication.