Ready to Go?

So you are all booked and ready to Go. What to do next! I will send you an email, to confirm your booking! You may receive 2 emails. Please check both as one will contain instructions on how to connect to me veer skype or zoom or Facebook messenger. You will receive an email from or so please check your spam box for missed emails. It’s your responsibility to check for these emails and connect to me at the relevant time of your booking.

And to please be on time. However, for convenience. I have placed the instructions here as well, which you dont need to memorize as they will be emailed to you. You can copy the information here or save this page in your favourites to come back to if you need added insurance

If you have requested a meeting by ZOOM.

here is the link to connect to me

After you click the link another box will appear saying your meeting should start in a few seconds. A pop up will appear saying do you want to launch zoom. Click on accept/yes. The Zoom application will launch. Click yes to join with your camera and audio and any other pop-ups. If you have trouble. Let me know by replying to the email I sent you, and I will contact you and guide you through the process.

If you’re requesting a call through skype. The link is on the day and time of your call. This will take you to my profile. You don’t need an account. But if you want to sign up you can. After you have clicked on the link click yes to any popups, and click on join on the web. which will take you straight to my profile. You can also access my profile on skype right now if you wish. If you have trouble. Let me know by replying to the email i send you if you want help being guided through connecting to me through skype and i will contact you on the day, and guide you through the process. If you are connecting veer facebook my profile is Please enable yourself to receive messages from me on the time and day of your reading