Date: 17 March 2018 | Written by: admin

Its okay to actually not be in control of the world and what other people think and do, although you can influence that. Much of the new age movement stems on believing that you can control others, and we enter a dangerous game of allowing love and being positive to blind us to good skills in relationships, instead of sacrifice and self blame. I would be allured to believe the above for many years. We can only be responsive to what we do, our thoughts and feelings. I hesitate to say control, as that is not natural. So that much of our lives is ruled by the subconscious mind. You don’t need to know about how the brain works to understand the interdependence, between thoughts and feelings.The way we interpret things brings about meaning. As we see in the world, people interpret things differently. This leads to our feelings and actions.

Our conscious minds think freely, while the subconscious mind contains much of our programmes for life. It isn’t about what other people should be thinking, and what is best for them. As it may not be. We make these natural assumptions on a frequent basis. Dr. Lipton, a professor of medicine says that our brains prepare for action in a third of a second before we actually decide anything consciously. That we respond to situations automatically with the pre-stored responses we currently hold without our conscious awareness.  Much of what we do is acted out unconsciously. It is the unconscious mind that make decisions for us. He also says that we ideally operate with only 1%-5% of our conscious minds, which means our lives are run automatically by 95%-99%  of the unconscious mind. 

Positive thinking is not enough. Letting go of thoughts doesn’t actually change them. We naturally take actions that don’t always lead us to what we want, but lead us to what we unconsciously want. Your mind will lead you to what you believe and expect and you will look for that in your environment. Or act in such a way that brings it to you. On  some level you have wanted everything you want even the things you haven;t consciously wanted. Every encounter with a person allows us to see what was inside ourselves. Everything we see in our environment can only bring into awareness what is currently inside of is in some way. In some way what people believe about you was what they experienced in there lives.

Attitude changer

Choose an attitude you have about something in your life. An experience your having. What do you feel about it, and what do you think about it. Was it good, bad, and how did it feel? What did you feel?

How old where you when this attitude began, and who was there? Was it just you? What was this person doing, and what were you doing?

What became your attitude as a result? How does this affect your life, and how does it affect other people? If other people had this attitude, how would you act and feel? Be honest!!

What has this attitude allowed you to do in life? What has it allowed you not to do? What attitude could you have instead? What would you feel as a result of this new attitude? 

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