Pleased with the reading, it was very conversational. It’s important, to be honest for the reading to gain insight. My heart still aches but I understand my future is promising.”

Karlos Fe, United States

“I had a reading this afternoon, and let me say she was right on cue with a lot of stuff for me. It was an eye-opener for me and my life and emotions in a very good way. I enjoyed talking with her a lot and hope to do it again soon.”

Renae M Gullo

Thank you. You have helped me to face this year looking positively at myself and my new beginning. I can not thank you enough for your time and encouraging words.”

Elizabeth De Villiiar

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time with me. You showed me ways to release past hindrances and move forward. You are a blessing thank you so much for my valuable reading.”

Alice Pressnell Courpas

Laura is such an inspiration! Her heart is pure and beautiful and her gifts are divine in nature. She has a golden light and all positive intentions. I received all the good and beautiful affirmations from her on my behalf. Her messages were spot on, giving me powerful, positive insights into my life and work. She gave me so much to work with and a clear path forward in my life. I would highly recommend her skills and her intentions. Powerful and full of nothing but pure light”

Pamela Pittman, United States

“Laura (Phoenix) was absolutely spot on. Everything she told me was true. She is also sincere in everything she does. It was a lovely visit.”

Lillian Hambridge, United Kingdom