About Phoenix

Known as Laura at Birth. However known now as Ma Gyani Phoenix. Phoenix now offers Oracle card readings. Phoenix comes from a place of profound deep knowing, ancient wisdom, creativity, heart and insight into the nature of reality. This is based on what is there when it’s there. Following integrity, kindness, self-love, and love for life, there is always a possibility.’

Phoenix uses intuition to bring into awareness which might be hidden. She was awarded between (1996-2000) Honour roll and academic achievement awards and has over 40 varied. Also in the year 2000, she was awarded for Academic Improvement, signed by the President of the United States of America. She also has certifications in Mental capacity & Deprivation of liberty (2014), Care planning & risk assessment (2014.) Food Hygiene (2015)

Child protection level 1, (2018.) Support the use of medication training (Accredited by The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (2018). First aid training (2018) & Care skills for life. She also has experience as a live-in support worker, carer, assistant manager, cook in a nursing home, catering, & also in mediumship.

Other experience

She has volunteered for both the military in taking care of military teens and has been Bereavement care counselor for Cruse Bereavement. She had  published a book in 2012 called, ‘A voice in the deep.’ A book on how to live differently with spiritual principles, which can be requested as a digital copy,  and was once featured on Amazon.

Everything comes from deep knowing

phoenix is not a qualified psychologist or psychotherapist. Oracle card readings are not intended to replace traditional psychotherapy and psychology. psychology of vision takes some principles from traditional psychology but is not. Oracle card readings stay in alignment with a mesh of Tarot card readings and spirituality alongside healing principles. You can contact me by clicking here

“ Since I met Phoenix I’ve been struck with her kindness and wisdom. The session was so beautifully held from start to finish. I felt totally seen and heard and cherished throughout. I got to meet many parts of myself that had been a bit in hiding – my inner child who loved to dance and perform yet was told off and squashed herself. She felt safe to come to the surface and be listened to intently. Many other facets of my being Laura tapped into so naturally – I felt and still feel so encouraged by her deep reading. It was soo much fun, too! Curled up on the sofa with a cuppa, I could totally relax into my time with her and we journeyed through the layers of cards, characters and symbols. I didn’t want it to end! I got some homework, too, and feel my own self-esteem has risen in a rounded way – and that I am learning to truly prioritize my own offerings in this world. I highly recommend this intuitive guide – she’s the real deal with much depth, light and honesty to share with us all

Bayari Lou Beegan, United Kingdom