About Phoenix

Laura (Phoenix) was also awarded between (1996-2000) Honour roll and academic achievement awards and has over 40 varied. Also in the year 2000, she was awarded for Academic Improvement, signed by the President of the United States of America. She also has certifications in Mental capacity & Deprivation of liberty (2014), Care planning & risk assessment (2014.) Food Hygiene (2015)

Child protection level 1, (2018.) Support the use of medication training (Accredited by The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (2018). First aid training (2018) & Care skills for life. She also has experience as a live-in support worker, carer, assistant manager, cook in a nursing home, catering, & also in mediumship.

Other experience

She has volunteered for both the military in taking care of military teens and has been Bereavement care counselor for Cruse Bereavement. She had  published a book in 2012 called, ‘A voice in the deep.’ A book on how to live differently with spiritual principles, which can be requested as a digital copy,  and was once featured on Amazon.

Phoenix comes from a place of profound deep knowing, ancient wisdom, creativity, heart and insight into the nature of reality. This is based on what is there when it’s there. Following integrity, kindness, self-love, and love for life, there is always a possibility.’ Phoenix uses intuition to bring into awareness which might be hidden.

Everything comes from deep knowing

phoenix is not a qualified psychologist or psychotherapist. Oracle card readings are not intended to replace traditional psychotherapy and psychology. psychology of vision takes some principles from traditional psychology but is not. Oracle card readings stay in alignment with a mesh of Tarot card readings and spirituality alongside healing principles. You can contact me by clicking here

“Recently my partner had a tarot reading and although he wasn’t quite sure of the answers he was looking for, he came out of the session feeling lighter, brighter and much more confident than before. He was able to understand himself better and work out what was on his mind without even really talking in detail. Since then he’s been very bright and bubbly.

He would definitely have another reading soon. A HUGE thanks to you for helping him and me to express ourselves and understand ourselves more. Sometimes you just need to see an image and think a thought to make sense of our crazy brains!

I will always recommend you to as many as I can because you connect in a very free from judgment and friendly manner. My partner even said although you aren’t in the room because it was web-cam. Your presence was very real and very reassuring to me. That the connection you two had to do his reading was very strong and welcoming. 

Never have either of us felt judged or mislead by your cards, and you never try to interpret for us. It always feels like we are, and I’m in control. And at the times we can not find the words to understand, you guide us there gently. I love having these sessions and so does my partner so thank you.”

Alice Murray, United Kingdom