About Phoenix

Everything comes from deep knowing

I was Known as Laura at Birth. However, i am known also as Ma Gyani (Phoenix). Phoenix for short. I come from a place of profound deep knowing, ancient wisdom, creativity, heart and insight into the nature of experiences. Some of the skills i still use in life. Some i have dropped. As life changes. I have tried my hand at many things.

My skills and training

I have Professional development in Leadership skills, Relationships and family Dynamics, use of transformational processes. Such certifications of recognition were, Stepping forward with courage and Confidence, 2 days training (2007) Healing our heartbreaks, 3 days training (2008) Healing your life patterns, 3 days training (2007) Embracing your purpose, 2 days training (2007) and the Steps to leadership Programme. All certificated by Psychology of vision.

Also, training in the Leela life peogramme at the Osho leela community. Based on the humaniversity training.

i have certifications in Child protection level 1, (2018.) Support the use of medication training (Accredited by The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (2018). First aid training (2018) & Care skills for life. I also have experience as a live-in support worker, carer, assistant manager, cook in a nursing home. I also have certifications in Mental capacity & Deprivation of liberty (2014), Care planning & risk assessment (2014.) Food Hygiene (2015) (2017) Cruse Bereavement, bereavement care, in which i saw clients in there home for bereavement care. Also certifications in person-centred care (2015) Autism training (2015) Basic life support, 2015.

And also received training in mediumship Indian head massage therapy (I.H)(B.S.Y) I was awarded between (1996-2000) Honour roll and academic achievement awards which are many. Also in the year 2000, I was awarded for Academic Improvement, signed by the President of the United States of America. Awarded for Outstanding Volunteer Service (2001) for taking care of Military teens in a youth centre. The certificate was given by Joseph Means, Jr Lt Col, USAF Commander of Croughton AFB. 422d Air Base Squadron

I was awarded a Prestige business award given by Corporate Live wire. For Best Tarot carder reader of the year in Oxford for the year 2020.

I am a Published Author in the magazine, Mo2vate for small business owners for Revival Sanctuary. In where i have two successful articles, both in issue one and two. And am also an ambassador for Revival Sanctuary Revival is a network for Women, where Collaboration is favoured over competition. www.mo2vatemagazine.com & www.revivalsanctuary.co.uk