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Phoenix is such a lovely kind, caring and compassionate woman. She gave a very intuitive and intelligent reading for me and took the time to really go into depth. I would thoroughly recommend having a reading with Phoenix, her guidance was so natural and understanding. Thank you so much.

Kate Latham-WhitleyUnited Kingdom

I had an amazing reading with phoenix madley It was exactly what I needed to gain some clarity in my situation. A very insightful and in-depth session. Highly recommended. I am becoming a regular customer now!

Dagmara Zet, United kingdom

Dear Phoenix offers excellent readings. She is deeply connected to source, inflow and accurate with her individual guidance. I have great trust in dear Phoenix’s intuitive gifts and ability to articulate the next piece I am ready to hear. I have experienced her readings to be both accurate, empowering and healing. I have felt understood, supported and very grateful to dear Phoenix for so generously sharing her intuitive readings with me and would recommend her to everyone. Thank you so much dear sister, sending you so much love and gratitude

Shanti , United kingdom

“Since I met Phoenix I’ve been struck with her kindness and wisdom. The session was so beautifully held from start to finish. I felt totally seen and heard and cherished throughout. I got to meet many parts of myself that had been a bit in hiding – my inner child who loved to dance and perform yet was told off and squashed herself. She felt safe to come to the surface and be listened to intently. Many other facets of my being Laura tapped into so naturally – I felt and still feel so encouraged by her deep reading.

It was soo much fun, too! Curled up on the sofa with a cuppa, I could totally relax into my time with her and we journeyed through the layers of cards, characters and symbols. I didn’t want it to end! I got some homework, too, and feel my own self-esteem has risen in a rounded way – and that I am learning to truly prioritize my own offerings in this world. I highly recommend this intuitive guide – she’s the real deal with much depth, light and honesty to share with us all. ”

Bayari Lou Beegan, United Kingdom (

Hi, Laura thank u again from Australia for the amazing reading today. You have given me a lot of insight into what I have to do now. Anyway I will be in touch with you again very soon. Love , Light & Blessings to you. You are a very special person 

Kathy O connor

Laura went absolutely above and beyond to help. She made me realize so much about myself and if I could give her 10 stars I would. Not your typical reading, not by a long shot. Thank you.”

Simone Robson-Maginnis, (Member of