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“Since I met Phoenix I’ve been struck with her kindness and wisdom. The session was so beautifully held from start to finish. I felt totally seen and heard and cherished throughout. I got to meet many parts of myself that had been a bit in hiding – my inner child who loved to dance and perform yet was told off and squashed herself. She felt safe to come to the surface and be listened to intently. Many other facets of my being Laura tapped into so naturally – I felt and still feel so encouraged by her deep reading. It was soo much fun, too! Curled up on the sofa with a cuppa, I could totally relax into my time with her and we journeyed through the layers of cards, characters and symbols. I didn’t want it to end! I got some homework, too, and feel my own self-esteem has risen in a rounded way – and that I am learning to truly prioritize my own offerings in this world. I highly recommend this intuitive guide – she’s the real deal with much depth, light and honesty to share with us all. “

Bayari Lou Beegan, United Kingdom

“I had a wonderful reading today from Ms Laura. Wonderful being, I chose the abundance blocks reading, and WOW. I was amazed. She literally went through and explained each card, and wow it resonated so much. She also took the time to hear my concerns as she went through explaining the meanings behind the cards. Also, she also mentored me through the things that I was feeling mentally and gave me an outlook at the time of which I was not able to see. Really recommend her, one of my best readings thus far.”

Bre’Anna Donald

United States

Thank you again from Australia! For the amazing reading that you gave to me today. You are a blessed human being. You gave me a lot of insight into what i have to do! Light love and blessing to you.

Kathy O Connor


Laura went absolutely above and beyond to help. She made me realise so much about myself and if I could give her 10 stars I would. Not your typical reading, not by a long shot. Thank you.”

Simone Robson-Maginnis
Member of

” I had a first reading with Laura and the welcoming and love she radiates lifts your spirit, warms you that I forgot I signed up for one of the free readings that she makes sure and reminds you. The name Laura is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Laura is: Laurel tree or sweet bay tree (symbols of honour and victory. As her name clearly states she really are symbols of honour and victory that you feel like your world is not complete without the way she projects her gift-She takes the time out to reassure you so no doubt seeps in. One can be so caught up that she listens and guides patiently, even the negative-which the vibration of just hearing her voice alone gives you the strength. Personally from my experience have no doubt that she is gifted and feel safe in her presence and would not hesitate to recommend her.”

Lei Ram


“Thank you Laura for such an amazing reading! Not only were the messages exactly what I needed to hear, but you also took the time to help me work on past fears and traumas so that I could improve my life. You made me feel as if we were friends for a long time and very much cared for. You are amazing at what you do! Thank you so much.”

Krystal Grace

United Kingdom

“There aren’t words enough to say how much Laura has helped me with just one session using two different beautiful decks of cards. Everything was spot-on with the cards she pulled but, actually, it was just the time we spent talking on video chat that helped me the most. She made me see that I need to be more gentle with myself and take some time out to nurture myself before I can be there to nurture my family the way I want to and be there for my friends like I want to. I walked away feeling optimistic about my future and capable of making the changes I need to make. I’ve had 6 years of counselling for the loss of my son and have never gotten as much out of any of those sessions as I did today in one extra special and generous card reading. I totally recommend her to the highest degree possible. She gets a 7 out of 5 for a rating!! Can I do that? Yes, I can, I just did.”

Kelly Rego, United states

Thank you for my reading yesterday! It was very intriguing to learn things about myself. Thank you for sharing your gift with me. Definitely recommend to anyone wanting answers to all questions.

Danielle Russon

United Kingdom

“I just got a reading from Laura that was amazing! Very detailed and all very spot-on as to what’s happening in my life right now. Very happy she shared her gift with me! Would definitely recommend.”

Carrie Marie Bush

“I was very blessed to have a reading with Laura at a time when I was really needing guidance. She was very helpful and made me realise what I need to do to help me on my life path. She is a caring and lovely person whom I would thoroughly recommend. Thank you again.”

Michelle Tong

United States

“Thank you so much for the intuitive guidance session! I have gained quite a bit of peace and clarity over the situation that was weighing on my mind for so long. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. You have done in one hour, what no one else had accomplished in the past 2 years. I appreciate it so much. I certainly wish you the best. I will be back for sure.”

Trish Posne

United States

“Laura, of Visionary Heart, has given me such a perceptive reading today. The cards she picked from the Oracle pack acting as a guide to her intuition. What she suggested sparked a deep resonance in me. I will now follow my path with greater clarity. Thank you, Laura, for your perception and kindness. “

Rose Pupa

United Kingdom

“I wanted to thank you so much for the reading. Thank you for helping me through this time. Your energy is uplifting and loving. I look forward to having another reading.”

Monica Carrera Febus

Visionary Heart is a truly incredible soul. I’ve learnt so much about myself, each and every card was so meaningful to my current situation. Two cards literally jumped out of the pack as the reading was beginning and they were so accurate. I’m still amazed. Laura has such a graceful way of communicating the messages the cards have, that you can’t help be blown away by how much they resonate with the question on your mind. If you need clarity on anything I highly recommend a reading, it will change your perception in such a positive way.”

Joyti Fowler

United Kingdom

“Laura is amazing very heartfelt in her reading and makes sure you fully understand what the cards are. This was my first reading and at this time in my life, I really needed to hear the love and understanding from Laura. Thank you so much I had a lovely time.”

Athena Bassett

United Kingdom

“Laura is an amazing person, so gentle with her words and really helps you dig deep into your real issues, I somehow left feeling taller, stronger and like I was totally in control of myself. The reading left me feeling optimistic about the future and that I’m capable of more than I even knew. Lots of love to you Laura.”

Taisha Harding

United Kingdom

“I had a reading the other day and it’s really helped “my focus on life. It’s given me a great sense of direction and healing. Fabulous! Thank you, Laura.”

​Katie Byrne

United Kingdom

“Just want to say thank you so much for my reading last night, it was amazing and very true, you are talented, friendly and relaxed with a heart of gold.”

Emma Carrier

United Kingdom

“Every reading with Laura has been so eye-opening and life-changing. She knows what she is talking about. I was really needing some guidance and she came through like always. I definitely recommend her to others, and already have. Thanks, Laura. You’re awesome.”

Tara Tosoni

United States

It was a lovely experience, loved talking to you.”

Lori koehler

United States

“Pleased with the reading, it was very conversational. It’s important, to be honest for the reading to gain insight. My heart still aches but I understand my future is promising.”

Karlos Fe

United States

“I had a reading this afternoon, and let me say she was right on cue with a lot of stuff for me. It was an eye-opener for me and my life and emotions in a very good way. I enjoyed talking with her a lot and hope to do it again soon.”

Renae M Gullo

United States

Thank you. You have helped me to face this year looking positively at myself and my new beginning. I can not thank you enough for your time and encouraging words.”

Elizabeth De Villiiar

United Kingdom

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time with me. You showed me ways to release past hindrances and move forward. You are a blessing thank you so much for my valuable reading.”

Alice Pressnell Courpas

United States

Laura was absolutely spot on. Everything she told me was true. She is also sincere in everything she does. It was a lovely visit.

Lilian Hambridge

United Kingdom

“I had a very beautiful reading with Laura and I would like to recommend her to everyone, who wants to work with there beliefs and know a bit more about what is going on in there life. She is a very lovely soul.”

Lucie Vildernerova

Czech Republic

“I would like to say a huge thank you To to Laura for my reading this morning. I feel blessed that I was able to spend time with her again, Laura is very caring and has a lovely heart. Her guidance was very much needed and I plan to take this advice forward with me. Thank you again.” 

Michelle Tong

United States

I just got a reading from Laura which was amazingly accurate. This made me feel a lot better about losing my husband. Thank you, Laura, you made a big difference in my life!

Cheryl Capirchio

“I just had a reading, that was amazing! Very detailed and all very spot on as to what’s happening in my life right now. Very happy she shared her gift with me. Would definitely recommend.”

Monica Carrera Febus

United States

“Laura is such an inspiration! Her heart is pure and beautiful and her gifts are divine in nature. She has a golden light and all positive intentions. I received all the good and beautiful affirmations from her on my behalf. Her messages were spot on, giving me powerful, positive insights into my life and work. She gave me so much to work with and a clear path forward in my life. I would highly recommend her skills and her intentions. Powerful and full of nothing but pure light”

Pamela Pittman, United States

“Laura and I had a nice chat. Alongside the Tarot putting things in place and helping me clear my mind, to move forward. The future is bright.”

Dan Acktinson

United States

“Laura really helped give me specific guidance with her reading and also gave me specific tricks and tips. She is a really honest and grounded person and is willing to spend the time with you on whatever you are inquiring about. Definitely, recommend working with her.”

Maris Haynes

United States

I had a reading done and want to share how insightful it was. And how it will help me to balance the issues i am having. It also bought validation to some of my feelings.

Cindy Trujilo

“Recently my partner had a tarot reading and although he wasn’t quite sure of the answers he was looking for, he came out of the session feeling lighter, brighter and much more confident than before. He was able to understand himself better and work out what was on his mind without even really talking in detail. Since then he’s been very bright and bubbly. He would definitely have another reading soon. A HUGE thanks to you for helping him and me to express ourselves and understand ourselves more. Sometimes you just need to see an image and think a thought to make sense of our crazy brains!

I will always recommend. you to as many as I can because you connect in a very free from judgment and friendly manner. My partner even said although you aren’t in the room because it was web-cam. Your presence was very real and very reassuring to me. That the connection you two had to do his reading was very strong and welcoming.  Never have either of us felt judged or mislead by your cards, and you never try to interpret for us. It always feels like we are, and I’m in control. And at the times we can not find the words to understand, you guide us there gently. I love having these sessions and so does my partner so thank you.”

Alice Murray, United Kingdom

“Laura was recommended to me by a friend and wow! What a beautiful and eye-opening experience this was. I came with some many questions, sort of wondering where to start with changes in my life and my reading was so clarifying. Thanks, Laura for your kindness and generosity!”

Lina Margarita Lis-Villa

United States

“Excellent readings and very interesting. Thanks Laura.”

Carl Vessey

United Kingdom