The Readings

An Oracle card Reading brings about an inner awareness of the issue at hand. Leaving you with the possibility of feeling that you have purpose and vision in your life. A way to navigate your situation or difficulty.

Visionary heart is the unique and wholehearted way of doing the intuitive with Oracle or tarot cards. Where the imperfect is valued and where being different is extraordinary. We want you to enjoy reading that is Inspiring, nourishing, and down to earth. That allows you to embrace purpose and meaning in your life. We know that meaning is created, and that how we perceive, deal with, respond to and interpret our situations in life directs our course, Its about perspective and direction.

You will enter a guided interactive experience that honors you. That gives you on the spot intuitive guidance, alongside your interaction, and feedback. Each reading is filled with wisdom, compassion and deeply nourishes the heart, mind, and soul. Each reading is safe, confidential and eye-opening. Putting the power back in your hands to choose who you are and what is right and wrong for you.  Give yourself a gentle space to breathe and be.

“Phoenix, of Visionary Heart, has given me such a perceptive reading today. The cards she picked from the Oracle pack acting as a guide to her intuition. What she suggested sparked a deep resonance in me. I will now follow my path with greater clarity. Thank you, Phoenix, for your perception and kindness. “

Rosa Pupa, United Kingdom

Experience a unique and different approach to card readings not based on telling you who you are but finding that out for yourself. How can you get real in your life? To Reflect, envision, Act & live. The future is full of infinite possibilities. Although the future is not certain, we can embrace that possibility by bringing our own gifts and skills to the world. Uncertainty can be a place of excitement and growth.

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