The Channellings of Lilith

Explore the channellings of Lilith. The archetype of Sexuality, pleasure, chaos, Rebellion, independence and Feminine Empowerment. Sin is part of your nature. You were born as human. Its not that you should deliberately sin, but its the recognition that you do. And to embrace that is to more compassionate, more empathic. Life cannot be lived in extremes. The extent at which something ascribes to being truly Evil is just as much as out of balance with something ascribing to be truly Good.

To hold contradictory energies inside oneself means they no longer become contradictory they flow and are realised as what they always were, a unity. Lilith’s background goes back through time. She wears many masks and is many things to many people. In the spirit of exploration i would implore you to go and find more about Lilith yourselves. But Lilith is truly beyond labelling and being confined to any one box.

Opening prayer to Lilith: Oh Lilith. My blood is of your blood, your sexuality, my sexuality. I drink from your dark well where my fears are quenched and my vision sanctified with your blessing. Dark mother, temptress, power is yours. The desires of the Flesh, no longer shamed. Show me to be unafraid of the night and my shadows. Let them all be my lullaby, that becomes part of my whole. i am laid bare before you, nothing to hide. I sacrifice my inhibitions. Passion and desire, temptation, untamed is yours. Teach me to be a friend to myself and all parts unclaimed.

Often it’s not the light that heals us, sometimes it’s the dark

The channellings of Lilith

The Yearning

(Lilith) Our bodies become an expression of the art we put into life. One body we have, one temple to build up to the heights of the sky. One yearning to see a temple given to our own inner power and desire. But to build our temples we must do for ourselves. Not to be worshipped not to be adored superficially, for our deepness calls within to others, also beneath our surface. But to simply erect our temples to the remembrance of what we are.

The Forbidden

(Lilith) For what wisdom truly arises from a forbidden apple not bitten. A greater good is only the aspiration of an entitled ego. It Is better to bite the apple rather than be ignorant. For who would lay beneath a man and call themselves a beloved. Those who sit with men are Queens in their own right. Sexuality and desire are theirs. What is a woman but a throne to a mans wisdom where he cannot sit without permission. And without a throne a man is nothing.

The shame

(Lilith) Shame is mine, its thirst i quench, at the beginning and the end. A starry night beckons too me as much as the screech owl. We are the fire gone cold, begging to be lit by the contrite heart. And when lit, we shall arrive in the darkest recess of you. We shall warm the sorrow, we shall warm the pain. We shall deliver you from the hands of those who tie your freedom to a jagged post.

We offer the forbidden knowledge denied. we are the candle in the mirror. We are the scryer. Fear not as we wrap the welcoming heart in silken kisses. Fear not as we are the mother to the night. All woman a welcome home. It is only we who can dig to the bones, to help you reclaim your hidden power, that was denied to you. It is we whom bathes in your shame and guilt, and overcomes it for you. It is we who comforts the dark abyss inside you, when hope seems denied. It is we who comforts the flesh. I am freedom when fear is absolved

The Given

(Lilith) We have called to you. The oppressed and chastised we have come to own with our embrace. The ostracized are known to us by name. For who breaks the shackles of society which have held you down. Societies flight long forgotten in a supressed song. We urge you to speak for the opposed and to liberate in you all that you have been told to hate and deny. Your sex, your body, your pleasure your orgasm, all these things call you to remember us. We take the weak and vulnerable and call it to strength, as much as the broken in you. These things others call for you to destroy. I call for them to be given to me.

Our Requiem

(Lilith) The night is our requiem. Star dust touches our heels, as we dance in the oblivion of you. Your most defeated a void where new life unites in its awakening. In defeat you are created anew, where i am there to greet you. What defeat would keep your soul in slumber, it is the breaking apart which offers you new eyes. The sacrifice we ask you to make is only the one that you have built to falsity. That this sacrifice becomes an ambition to conquer. For we are a handmaiden, to the knowledge of old.