Faq Page

What happens when you book?

When you book your reading, you’ll be directed to my booking page where you can select your preferred time and date. Following your booking, you’ll receive a confirmation email detailing the specifics of your appointment, including the date and time.

This email will also contain a link to access our private video/audio chat room, hosted by me. Please take a moment to check your spam folder, as occasionally email confirmations may end up there.

If you haven’t received your confirmation email within a reasonable timeframe, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly.  I’m here to ensure your booking experience is seamless and stress-free.”

Contact me: visionaryheart@yahoo.com

How long are readings?

For online readings, I conduct sessions via Google Meet. However, due to the costs associated with video calls exceeding 40 minutes, veer Zoom video call provider, I’ve transitioned to utilizing free platforms to host my card readings, such as Google meet. Despite this change, rest assured that the quality and integrity of your reading remain a top priority. I’m committed to providing you with a seamless and enriching.

Rest assured, I’m committed to providing a thorough and meaningful experience. Occasionally, readings may extend to a maximum of 90 minutes, depending on the circumstances. For a more thorough explanation of what Oracle card readings involve plese refer to this page on my website:

Why don’t you tell the future?

Every future you can envision is probable a possibility. Meaning Its not set, and the actions you take, alongside the choices your making lead to the probability of what your intending. Many people can be vulnerable or going through distress when coming for readings. Being so some want to be told how there life will be. Which really is taking away there power to choose, guide and direct there own lives! Telling someone there future can be disempowering. However letting a person guide there own life is different. Another person always operates as catyalst to being up your inner beliefs and attitudes. These card readings are geered to put back response, and action into your life. Not only giving you food for thought but a lot to work on and think about

How do i prepare for a reading?

Before we begin the Oracle card reading, it’s important to understand what you’re hoping to achieve from the session. This initial conversation allows all me tailor the reading to your specific needs. I typically allocate 60-90 minutes for a session, although it may conclude sooner. If you’re pressed for time, it might be best to reschedule for a more suitable occasion.

During the session, I may encourage you to take notes or jot down important insights. This not only helps you to remember key points but also provides an opportunity for reflection afterward regarding what is brough up from the unconscious mind.

During the session, I may encourage you to take notes or jot down important insights. This not only helps you to remember key points but also provides an opportunity for reflection afterward regarding what is brough up from the unconscious mind.

Why are your Oracle card readings different from other Oracle card reading provider?

I utilize a diverse range of skills to illuminate conflicting issues, bringing them into awareness in a meaningful, insightful, and profound manner. While there are no guarantees, a reading with me can provide insightful material for reflection, often unveiling perspectives that may have previously evaded you.

Through tapping into on-the-spot intuition, we embark on a journey of exploration into your internal processes. This process allows you to confront challenging beliefs, emotions, and feelings, fostering growth and self-awareness. You possess a deep understanding of yourself, that may remain hidden to you, and I listen attentively to your dialogue, uncovering hidden narratives and deeper layers of consciousness. Utilizing intuitive questioning, I draw out what remains concealed in the unconscious mind.

Drawing from a variety of tools and skills, I offer a unique experience distinct from traditional tarot card readings. My aim is to provide you with invaluable insights and guidance to navigate life’s complexities with clarity and confidence.”

How is my information used?

Your information is processed with the strictest confidentiality. When you book, you use my third party booking system hosted by once hub: https://oncehub.com/trustcenter/legal/privacynotice

You can also read my privacy on website at: https://visionary-heart.com/privacy-policy/

Confidentiality is paramount in all the readings I conduct. Any information shared during our session remains strictly confidential. If you choose to share that you’ve had a reading with me, that’s entirely your decision, including leaving a review about your card reading session.

By leaving a review, you consent to sharing your experience with others. Reviews may be featured on my website, Facebook page, and in advertisements about my readings. In such instances, only your name and location will be included, or just one of the two, ensuring your privacy is maintained.

If you ever wish to have your review removed, simply let me know, and it will be promptly taken down. Your trust and comfort are of utmost importance to me.”