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Other people are events allowing sensations, desires and feelings to rise forth within you. People do not birth what is within you. They only act as the horizon from which you birth yourself from.

Archangel Michael


Your darkness is yours to own, and love. It is your pleasure to fufill its desires. And if others dare drink from the cup you have prepared, then they deserve to be poisoned by it.

For those who profess purity, drink from a dark well, which covertly controls them and destroys others, and those who profess their darkness drink from a light well that opens their eyes and integrates with them. This power, this pleasure of your untouched self calls you home, it seeks a space to navigate within you and make you whole.

you lift your hand, and the world within yourself moves. It moves to the song of your heart, your passions and needs. And you should not deny yourself the freedom of having these things. You cannot deny what you are, unless you torture yourself. And that punishment is not for you, worthy of you, it is not worthy of the Goddess you are.

On foundations

(Michael) Build your body your house on the rock, its foundation deep. Let none pierce your side or heel. What inhibits you, your own name. If your heart is pierced what good are you? Offend not the heart. Nor actions from it. Your heart offends itself, through not living all you come to be. Anything stored there is filled, not with love but emptiness then. Love is the foundation of what is earned, given, and received. So have much in life, whatever that is but fill it with love, the same love you are worthy of first. That you give to you. All people, nations are of the same fold, cloth. They are single threads. Called by a name greater than them. For all of what they believe, expresses to them in their own way as it should. We are all called to be ourselves, one humanity and many people. Many values, beliefs and personal truths. United by passion, freedom of our hearts.

Being ourselves

(Michael) People generally get in the way of themselves, not just others. Sometimes deeply guarded thoughts can be good for you or bad for you. But one negative thought can be the path that leads to the other positive. Be grateful for both. Care for your thoughts, rather than be against them. We are the deeper heart of you. Always speaks the truth. Trust as we are part of life. As we are part of you. Something can only communicate as it’s not really separate. But appears to be. Sometimes something gets in the way because the longing for it can also push it away, get in the way. Have a longing, that is intent-full rather than the longing itself. Allow it to rise by itself. Be the space it comes to in trust and hope, as well as those things. If you don’t have a vision what will you live by? The whole universe is chaotic, yet perfectly ordered. If it were true it would be one of life’s little luxuries. We are messengers of you, through you.

For all messages of God are messengers of the self. You are the angels you seek in yourself. An infinite universe that stretches within and without.

Archangel Michael

On self love & hate

(Michael) Their hate will never be as much as your love for self, radiating out to the world, like cool waters bathing a forehead. For it is not in hate we fear most but for the hating, we do ourselves and succumb to by those who already do. If we recognize hate, it means we must have the potential to be loving in our lives.

Healthy helping

You pour into the world what you see yourself to be. Objects remind you of what is already inside of you. A hated person puts you in touch with what beliefs you have in yourself. It all acts as a catalyst to receive the love of yourself not awakened inside. The brightest lamps are not touched, yet they quiver in the wind.

Where does the arrow go shot from the bow, cause of causes unknown? The world shows the beauty in you, more than it ever will the hateful. Beauty reminds the beautiful. Lovers courage, unborn, brought to rest in this world. Born to bring all happiness and vision. You wake to alleviate the sufferings of your own heart to bring the sweet nectar of heaven. The truth will never be found unless you find it in you first, heaven’s gate. What were you created for if not for love’s sake? What have eyes yet to see.

The Spiritual

(Michael) When you look for the spiritual. Do not look to be in some higher place as they do. Lofty ideals do not speak of true spirituality. They are only a shell of tools to use. We know True spirituality is in your humanity, simple actions beyond their own pettiness. Many will cry out their knowledge of things when their hearts could not accomplish the simple. Spirituality is not in those on some Hill. Beating their chests to, ‘ I am awakened,’ I am evolved’ ‘I am pure and on a higher vibration.’ For I tell you they are really in the lowest place in themselves. Those who have offered their hands and hearts are the spiritual.

On Loneliness

(Michael) In the lesson of sometimes being alone, we find the lesson of connectedness, reach for that and you’re reaching for truth. Believe in you as i believe you. Truth is rarely found externally but as an inner moment of validation that goes aha i found you. Make yourself true before seeking it. For truth is in knowing the self and deeper.

Loneliness is expelled when we fill that place with the giving of ourselves to what we do in life. The grieving soul is met with the face of itself, whether in some art form, some feeling, some expression, some favourite thing. Loneliness is the place where we can fall into the space inside that needs our own love. When the care of others is absent, you need not be. In loneliness, there is a desire to withdraw from self, your expression and truth. When the connection to self is needed more than ever. To see yourself through the eyes of someone offering care, connection, love. You will always find yourself, when others don’t. Instead of then reaching to others in the space when they don’t reach back, then reach for you!