The Channellings

You will know you are on the right path when you realise that there is no path to follow. That you are the pathway in and of itself.

Archangel Michael

The Altar of recieving

(Michael) The altar of your receiving is your body. It’s feelings the sacred purification. Your mind its prayers. You are but a temple to your receiving of life, the people around you. Your inner call of your hidden child giving through the hands of your now. Your inner child vow to serve her through the asking before the giving. The Temple of the sun, gives birth to the bright moon. In her face, you see your glory. silky light makes love, oh lovers gown. Worn thin by the weary day as he takes his steps closer to you. His garments hide a story of his independence untrue. Strip him naked to receive his moon. Heart, he was not without her grace! Her silver body he then makes.

Alter of sun, undo undone! yet the sun and moon are always one! Temple of yourself in the infinite, your altar of receiving has become one with day and night. We weave the ends that are frayed. Seemingly separate, and alone, the unity we become. Finding ourselves in each other, and the deepness of the mirror goes beyond. Flying above the starry skies, the place we find we are sowed into the infinite divine.

And one day we will leave no footprints behind, And others will then make them. No trace of the essence of our time. Yet what we leave remains in hearts and minds. Those people are lasting flames, outnumbered in the memories they have made. Put those also in the temple of your sun. Where you will meet them and return to each other. Child, lover, father, brother. Mother, sister, bring them all. Warm them in the fires of your art, your skill or what you love which is the creative stroke of life and love. The Creativity you make brings into the world something that lasts inside.

We are not meant to keep what we find, but let it go free, to death to birth, the ever-changing journey, to embrace our worth. We will all meet one day, in the blades of grass, the seasons that pass. The raindrops on the ledge and morning dew. where we will all be together me and you! Build not yourself these walls so thick, to keep out the passers-by. Its all so short to miss each other, as we rise and die. Let’s let each other in these houses and temples of our bodies we have made for ourselves.


(Michael) Hope does not exist in the outside world any more than courage does. But to bring courage and hope to whats happening in your world. In the essence is the birth of a new one, each moment is renewed with the courage you give it. Life leads in one direction to the advent of death. Have i lived a brave life, have i met things face on is worth asking. We understand the hardships that you face and will face. How you face them moulds you into something new each time. Breaking open the cocoon that holds you so you can breathe in the air not tasted for the next experience.

Cocoon-like babies swaddling, one you cannot remain in defiantly. To keep you safe from the world. Yet the world itself wishes to help you and deliver you to itself through the phases of your life. What you are is not touched as it is an eternity. Treat each experience as though it were your first and your last. So, you can live it fully. A thousand experiences experienced can be dead without the matter of your conviction, and one experience can be so lived that it brings your entire life meaning. For what is meaning without hope, hope without the courage. Like two brothers arm in arm which are Hope and courage. Both to cheer each other on.

You have come to lead yourself. The greatest exploration is the exploration of the territory, inside one’s own self, and its redemption.

Archangel Michael

On Awakening

(Michael)Never be afraid to cry because tears wash away the pain and purify. In the solitude that follows is the silent kiss and thought provoking things, that can open your mind to higher wisdom and knowledge deep inside. You do not have to be strong or act strong to prove that you are. You are strong for just living your life with all its colourful twists and turns. Never be afraid of change even of the painful changes you do not really want to happen. Life is a journey

The infinite destinations are not as important as the many roads that lead there. Never be afraid of letting go of things that do not serve you, child. Beliefs that have tested you are beliefs that were there to clear out wise strong ones. They were simply what you feared yourself to be already, were they not shown for this reason? The things we need to keep will be deep within us, they are permanent memories revealed. You are stronger than you think. Grief is bitter yes, but essential.

It will be so hard at times and you will want to give up. Instead of doing so learn from your pain. Take what you need from it and cast away the rest. You will have learned what you needed to learn even if it is not evident. Allow it to let you become more beautiful. Your understanding of that which is unknown will pave the way for other bright ones. Never be afraid of losing or failing. There will be times when you will triumph just as there will be times when you will fail. Life is hard yet equally wonderful, yet it is also neither and you make it so. The most precious gift is just to be alive, to taste, to breathe and to feel. So when sadness beckons, find the beauty within yourself. Beauty was created by Divinity or whatever you may believe. For beauty is that which is real and all else is folly

You have a richness in you that is more than the world could afford.

Archangel Michael

The struggle

(Michael) The struggle is as much part of life, as is finding the way through. Are they not whole and one with each other. struggle and ease. The way through was never appreciated when it did not see what it had overcome. Just at the view on a high hill is not appreciated until at its apex To understand all go together, is the masters game. To see things as divided of each other is the servants game. You are no more a servant to life than life is a servant to you. But you dance within it. You appreciate one as you have known the other. Your struggle is the birthing canal in which you enter a new life. New life is offered each day, with old eyes that do not see that there is no stopping. But resting is but a moment we offer ourselves in order to enjoy the activity to come.

We know that a burden to you might be a gift to another. That what you carry is temporary, and changes with your perception. Your perception can be the weight of an iron chain or a light feather. Both will come and go. Your burdens reveal a hidden gem, that like a geode seems so rugged on the outside. Yet when struck by the presence of you, becomes something beautiful. Struggles are as much your redemption as much as they can be your defeat.