More Channellings

Life is an infinite Cathedral, and we are the breath between its spaces.

Archangel Michael

The Blunted

(Michael) Are you not blunted by the world? When its endeavours seek to treat you as a speck of dust in its atmosphere. Yet a speck you may be, but a powerful one, that others inhale unknowingly. Even they give over to the movement of their within. Even the small and unseen weaves its mighty hand over the shadows of doubt and they disperse in its presence. We know small things can become big things, when ingested with intent. And your intent only need to be in what you put in this world with your heart. Do not think you have no affect in the world for the world moves in ways we know you despise and love. Where even dust finds its place

Poverty and Abundance

(Michael) You have a richness in you that is more than the world could afford. Or even come to know. It is not touched by the hands of the stained. Nor brought with paper, plastic or coin. it is richness beyond worlds and any other. It is untouched. if it leads to greater material wealth, then that is so. But even if it did not. know that you are no pauper. The greatest meaning of richness will always be you

(Michael) Even if things were or did get that way, you would never be poor in mind and spirit. For there are a great many who are rich but poor. And a great many poor who are rich We know there are many forms of richness in the world, and one of them is you because you are a source of life, just as any other. Seek within yourself the space that is rich with wisdom. The place where you are always growing in richness day by day. Seek the richness in others. The love of them will be yours, the ones that would love you as much as they love themselves.

A tiny Aspiration

(Michael) Love is a tiny aspiration waiting to be whole, by the acceptance of you. Self-love is the gracious sunlight on a barren field. Beneath the surface its dryness given moisture by natures touch. You that touch. The barren field your body, the dryness the hollow furrows filled without loves gaze. Each waiting for your remembrance. Find your touch, your sensations, you’re giving. Made ripe by your seeing. Tiny aspirations grow skilfully under the right circumstances. What love waits to be guided by your compassionate hand, back into the earth of yourself. The tiny is made great in your presence and made whole in acceptance.

Michael on Peace

(Michael) Peace in is but the place inside that recognizes a harmony in all things. It is the reflection on the water The part that is eternal through its ever-changing self. It is the myriad of many-coloured hues on the tip of the lonely mountain top. which stretches to meet the sky. And the sky in return bestows its gifts of sun, warmth, cold and snow. All these moving things are the peace in motion. Peace isn’t sill, it’s not positive or negative yet takes of both. That life itself is peace with its noise and haste, and it’s quiet. It is the vastness in the self that contains all things. Peace is the harmony of life that was always present. There is nothing that peace does not contain.

Michael on Hardship

(Michael) Hardship cannot find the heart that is open to the changes of life. It cannot truly damage what’s within. The heart is concealed with lock and key. Only you are the master of the lock. When you open yourself to the wonders of the world, you take that wonder in as yours and find the place for it which no one else can touch. You have not lost yourself because the person inside of you was already found. It was found the moment you set foot into this very birth. Hardship may mould you into a shape that you have not conceived of. But then the task is to take that which you have become by hardship and return yourself to your own vision of yourself. You can find yourself in the task of life, A simple moment. You can find your self in the discussions with others, the moment you wake to set gazing eyes upon the day. We are gazing eyes you see through. We see through all.

The world is like an empty vessel waiting for us to fill it with our meaning because it was given to us that way. It was a greater act of love.

Archangel Michael

Michael on seeing & hearing

(Michael) We choose to see you every time you choose to see yourself. we are closer to you than your very heartbeat. Through this seeing, you are remembered, as are we! Ancient, not forgotten in the ancestry of mankind. Generations inherited, We live as people live. What is the point of our life without the point of yours? Seeing and hearing is a gift to use well.

(Michael)The world gifts to you her sounds and sights. The world eagerly waits as though knocking on the door of your eyelids to let her come in! If you close eyes to the trouble you see then you close your eyes to the happiness seeking space to enter. All of life sees through the vision of you! What doors are opened through seeing and hearing? These gateways rendered open or closed through your own blessings and touch! Such gateways are not owned by you or the world, but by life. Such things are in your care while you step here. How will you tend the seeing and hearing of yourself! We manifest through the seeing and hearing of all.

The place of powerlessness in you is a place of benediction. Raise up your powerlessness in the arms of your nurturing

Archangel Michael

The Dark

(Michael) What we need is your dark and ability to resurrect it in a world blinded by light gone bad. What is the point of light that is blind and a love that is that way also. We fight for truth and in doing so all parts of you we uphold like pillars standing in the the temple of space and Time. When you fail to uphold part of you, you fail to uphold all of you. One pillar falls the other does also. Your balance is love. When you give us your dark, we renew it for you and help to make it whole. For what is fear without loves embrace and joy without tears. What is a person devoid of dark, but a knife without its edge. You face the sun too long only to burn and call it joy. The dark in you you calls for your audience and when you give it, then it will set you free


(Michael) The form was love. Love was formed. Life so desires itself that you were born. Hope in a grateful way. it is the miracle of life also. All loving, all desiring, in such things, have no aversion and let flow freely. To deny your life is to deny creation. When your lost is the moment you are found. Look at the creases of your hands and the curves of your body. Strong and gentle. Where has life not been?

All of life has to be and exist. The rivers do not ask for courage or the mountains to stand tall. where has it not touched with a courageous voice? it is the sound of the sky and even the sound of silence. Do not fear a lack of courageousness, but fear a life not lived. Sometimes we stand in our own way after others have.