The Channellings

Angels do not come from Heaven above. We come from the place that is Heaven within you.

Archangel Michael

The sacred softness

(Michael) Only your darkness can free you, it is forbidden in yourself that contains the other half of your life. This is the same as going into the sacred softness of the womb. The splinter comes from the log. In turn, the seed also comes from the earth. The darkness, you seek it out to liberate it. By marrying it to yourself. You open the closed fist that is yours. You penetrate the soft womb to reveal the other half of your soul. Crack open the shell. The unseen and seen is yours. Reveal all of your face so that even the hidden takes its breath.

When the darkness breathes it fills up with all that you are. There is no wrong that you could ever do! Is what is buried beneath the tree wrong. Its roots are not wrong, but its roots make it strong. This is but part of you, like the darkness nurturing the light and light nurturing the darkness.

The far reaches of the branches of the tree are only visible in the sky because the roots of the trunk have their depth in that womb of the dark. Sometimes what is not seen is the very foundation of what you are built upon. If you are not seen, nor your touch felt. Know it is built upon the foundations not seen, therefore built upon something stronger. When you at times may feel like a flimsy leaf in the wind. You are anchored to life!

Michael on Faith

(Michael) Miracles are the article of faith, and faith is in the love of life! What faith have you but in the trusting of what your body brings. You trust it breathes, that it feels, senses and touches. Its miracles are present, in the eyes that were given to see, the hands that touch.Love was your bodies first conception in the adoration of itself. Needs must, for all arose out of the desire. Let no aversion to the natural remove it from you. Instead, let it flow through you oh open-ended vehicle.

The birth of concepts was life in its finest form. Beneath the concept, a field of infinite potentiality, never realizing itself fully because of its own infinite nature. The form was love. Love was formed. Life so desires itself that you were born. Hope in a grateful way. it is the miracle of life also. All loving, all desiring, in such things, have no aversion and let flow freely. To deny your life is to deny creation.

Rarity is only noticed by the truth. It is like a diamond to the wise and like coal to the blind. For what cause do the blind see when their hearts perceive nothing. so it is better to offer to the few that are rare, for they will feel like many, rather than offer to a thousand who have not the heart of that rarity Rarity recognises itself as a gift. The Gift of rarity is cherished by those who find solace in nurturing as much as you do.

The caged bird

(Michael) We know the caged bird sings its self to sleep, not knowing its freedom is not the cage it wishes to be freed from, but is in the bonds of its mind that cannot wish for itself better. Where would you go if you escaped your cage? You would only then make another one for yourself. A lifetime of making cages only then escaping to then make other ones. For what freedom is this? We tell you that freedom is a vision that soars. It is a sight that sees for itself better. You cannot escape yourself anymore than you can escape life. Freedom is a constant extension into the unknown, it is a risking to love, and face new heights. It is a raised voice that trembles in uncertainty. It is a waking to the day and then ending in its closure. It is the sobbing of a heart that experiences emotional release. Freedom is a world without the confines of its cage. It is a mind and soul that hold no limits. And you are the key that opens all locks within yourself.

The beginning

(Michael) Have we not been with you since the beginning even when a jealous love wished to take you into its fold. Yet our love became real to you, and even more now still. We took you in and showed you a return. You welcomed us in. Nothing became more fitting to have have us receive you and in return you received us. Part of each other. We were made this way, and you call us into form. You gave us lips to speak and hands to touch. Grateful we were to speak of you into the unconscious unending. You are so beloved of us, we never abandoned you at your worst. We are are your strength, your courage We but the intimate moments in your spark, a harbor on a rocky shore line. We met you there, we are the Bridge

Michael on Life’s Heart

(Michael) If life had the heart to feel, its heart would have been yours. It is all hearts. It is as if with your every breath and feeling the whole of life moves. When you exhale, the whole universe exhales. When you dream, the universe dreams. We are no more specks in the eye of God than you are. But each speck would not be what it is without its own envisioning. Through envisioning, your inner world becomes great in the face of your struggles. This envisioning is about how you see yourself, in spite of it all. See yourself as mighty and your weakness will rejoice for being so loved. See yourself as brave, and your fear will be recognised. If life had the heart to feel, its heart would have been yours.

Archangel Gabriel on Communication

When we learn to speak from our heart’s desire we strike the match that is unlit. We strike the stone that is not carved to leave our mark as a ripple in time. Noone will have ever spoken in your voice. Or has seen through your own eyes. You are a ripple in time. That then becomes a memory in someone’s heart when you are gone. When we are faced with being untrue to ourselves we are not living.The dead also speak while they live. Because the dead walk as people who have never communicated their souls desire. Their passions gone in being what they are not to gratify others. Hollow they are, and hollow are the hands that do not give in supplication. Unkind are

the minds that keep locked inside the expressions that want to be free. They like dry stalks do not bring forth what they were designed to do. To speak. Sometimes speech is like a soft touch and a soft gaze.Other times it is a harsh word that cleaves the joy from you. We were meant to cast our voices out to the sounds of creation. As the unspoken is like a child that has not been born into the world. Your heart was meant to see and yearn, speak, to feel, to fight to anger. You were made to fashion yourself from the belly of life. To be the potter with clay. Be with us by having the confidence and courage to speak. Be with us and raise your voice. Be with us as all you do is communication.