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Michael on Hate

(Michael) Their hate will never be as much as your love for self, radiating out to the world, like cool waters bathing a forehead. For it is not in hate we fear most but for the hating, we do ourselves and succumb to by those who already do. If we recognize hate, it means we must have the potential to be loving in our lives.

(Michael) You pour into the world what you see yourself to be. Objects remind you of what is already inside of you. A hated person puts you in touch with what beliefs you have in yourself. It all acts as a catalyst to receive the love of your self not awakened inside, for the brightest lamps are not touched, yet they quiver in the wind.

(Michael) Where does the arrow go shot from the bow, cause of causes unknown? The world shows the beauty in you, more than it ever will the hateful. Beauty reminds the beautiful. Lovers courage, unborn, brought to rest in this world. Born to bring all happiness and vision.

(Michael) You wake to alleviate the sufferings of your own heart to bring the sweet nectar of heaven. The truth will never be found unless you find it in you first, heavens gate. What were you created for if not for love’s sake? What have eyes yet to see.

Michael on Faith

(Michael) Miracles are the article of faith, and faith is in the love of life! What faith have you but in the trusting of what your body brings. You trust it breathes, that it feels, senses and touches. Its miracles are present, in the eyes that were given to see, the hands that touch.

(Michae)Love was your bodies first conception in the adoration of itself. Needs must, for all arose out of the desire. Let no aversion to the natural remove it from you. Instead, let it flow through you oh open-ended vehicle.

(Michael)The birth of concepts was life in its finest form. Beneath the concept, a field of infinite potentiality, never realizing itself fully because of its own infinite nature.

(Michael)The form was love. Love was formed. Life so desires itself that you were born. Hope in a grateful way. it is the miracle of life also. All loving, all desiring, in such things, have no aversion and let flow freely. To deny your life is to deny creation.

Michael on Loneliness

(Michael)In the lesson of sometimes being alone, we find the lesson of connectedness, reach for that and your reaching for truth..Believe in you as i believe you. Truth is rarely found externally but as an inner moment of validation that goes aha i found you. Make yourself true before seeking it. For the truth is in knowing the self and deeper.

(Michael) Truth is already reflected in what is known, and what is know is always found in everyday life, from the calling of the birds to the passing of the clouds, they teach you much. We are Michael, the deepest truth of mankind, belonging to everyone, and no one. people cut your side with harsh things, as you cut yourself with them also..what greater strength have you found but your own truth, that no one can touch. Touch they will. what is not touched is the eternal life that breathes into motions the stirs of you. Dont ask where to find the truth, ask where to find you..

(Michael) Fear not the darkness, a fantom to the light. joined together to learn from each other. we are housed in the spirit of mankind, at his side your side when life seems to hold no glory. summon the spirit in you. You deliver yourself to you..not from you. You having found yourself, rest in the home of the eternal passing one life. One for all, all for many