The channellings

The struggle

(Michael) The struggle is as much part of life, as is finding the way through. Are they not whole and one with each other. struggle and ease. The way through was never appreciated when it did not see what it had overcome. Just at the view on a high hill is not appreciated until at its apex To understand all go together, is the masters game.

To see things as divided of each other is the servants game. You are no more a servant to life than life is a servant to you. But you dance within it. You appreciate one as you have known the other. Your struggle is the birthing canal in which you enter a new life. New life is offered each day, with old eyes that do not see that there is no stopping. But resting is but a moment we offer ourselves in order to enjoy the activity to come.

We know that a burden to you might be a gift to another. That what you carry is temporary, and changes with your perception. Your perception can be the weight of an iron chain or a light feather. Both will come and go. Your burdens reveal a hidden gem, that like a geode seems so rugged on the outside. Yet when struck by the presence of you, becomes something beautiful. Struggles are as much your redemption as much as they can be your defeat.

Archangel Gabriel on Communication

When we learn to speak from our heart’s desire we strike the match that is unlit. We strike the stone that is not carved to leave our mark as a ripple in time. Noone will have ever spoken in your voice. Or has seen through your own eyes. You are a ripple in time. That then becomes a memory in someone’s heart when you are gone.

When we are faced with being untrue to ourselves we are not living.The dead also speak while they live. Because the dead walk as people who have never communicated their souls desire. Their passions gone in being what they are not to gratify others. Hollow they are, and hollow are the hands that do not give in supplication. Unkind are

the minds that keep locked inside the expressions that want to be free. They like dry stalks do not bring forth what they were designed to do. To speak. Sometimes speech is like a soft touch and a soft gaze. Other times it is a harsh word that cleaves the joy from you. We were meant to cast our voices out to the sounds of creation.

As the unspoken is like a child that has not been born into the world. Your heart was meant to see and yearn, speak, to feel, to fight to anger. You were made to fashion yourself from the belly of life. To be the potter with clay. Be with us by having the confidence and courage to speak. Be with us and raise your voice. Be with us as all you do is communication.