More happy customers

I had my first reading with Laura (Phoenix) and the welcoming and love she radiates lifts your spirit and warms you. I forgot I signed up for one . She makes sure and reminds you. The name Laura is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Laura is: Laurel tree or sweet bay tree (symbols of honor and victory. As her name clearly states which are symbols of honor and victory that you feel like your world is not complete without the way she projects her gift-She takes the time out to reassure you so no doubt seeps in. One can be so caught up that she listens and guides patiently, even the negative-which the vibration of just hearing her voice alone gives you the strength. Personally from my experience do not doubt that she is gifted. And feel safe in her presence. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

Lei Ram, Trinadad

“Thank you, (phoenix) for such an amazing reading! Not only were the messages exactly what I needed to hear, but you also took the time to help me work on past fears and traumas so that I could improve my life. You made me feel as if we were friends for a long time and very much cared for. You are amazing at what you do! Thank you so much.”

Krystal Grace, United Kingdom

“There aren’t words enough to say how much Phoenix has helped me with just one session using two different beautiful decks of cards. Everything was spot-on with the cards she pulled but actually, it was just the time we spent talking on video chat that helped me the most. She made me see that I need to be more gentle with myself. And take some time out to nurture myself, before I can be there to nurture my family the way I want to. And to be there for my friends like I want to. I walked away feeling optimistic about my future and capable of making the changes I need to make. I’ve had 6 years of counselling for the loss of my son and have never gotten as much out of any of those sessions as I did today in one extra special and generous card reading. I totally recommend her to the highest degree possible. She gets a 7 out of 5 for a rating!! Can I do that? Yes, I can, I just did.”

Kelly RegoUnited States

Thank you for my reading yesterday! It was very intriguing to learn things about myself. Thank you for sharing your gift with me. I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting answers to all questions.

Danielle Russon, United Kingdom

“I just had a reading from Phoenix that was amazing! Very detailed and all very spot-on as to what’s happening in my life right now. I am very happy she shared her gift with me! I would definitely recommend it.”

Carrie Marie Bush