Even more reviews..

Wonderful experience from start to finish. Was very thought provoking. Quality transformation is an option if you want it. Enjoyed the reading. Take notes and welcome life and all its mysteries.

Krysta Lee Smith

Phoenix is amazing and very heartfelt in her reading. She makes sure you fully understand what the cards are. This was my first reading, and at this time in my life, I really needed to hear the love and understanding from Phoenix. Thank you so much. I had a lovely time.

Athena Bassett, United Kingdom

“Thank you so much for the intuitive guidance session! I have gained quite a bit of peace, and clarity over the situation that was weighing on my mind for so long. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. You have done in one hour what no one else had accomplished in the past 2 years. I appreciate it so much. I certainly wish you the best. I will be back for sure.”

Trish Posne, United States

“Laura (Phoenix) of Visionary Heart, has given me such a perceptive reading today. The cards she picked from the Oracle pack acting as a guide to her intuition. What she suggested sparked a deep resonance in me. I will now follow my path with greater clarity. Thank you, Laura, for your perception and kindness. “

Rose Pupa, United Kingdom

Visionary Heart is a truly incredible soul. I’ve learned so much about myself, every card was so meaningful to my current situation. Two cards literally jumped out of the pack as the reading was beginning and they were so accurate. I’m still amazed. Laura has such a graceful way of communicating the messages the cards have that you can’t help being blown away by how much they resonate with the question on your mind. If you need clarity on anything I highly recommend a reading, it will change your perception in such a positive way.”

Josie Fowler, United Kingdom

“I wanted to thank you so much for the reading. Thank you for helping me through this time. Your energy is uplifting and loving. I look forward to having another reading.”

Monica Carrera Febus