I had a reading done and want to share how insightful it was. And how it will help me to balance the issues i am having. It also bought validation to some of my feelings.

Cindy Trujilo

“Laura and I had a nice chat. Alongside the Tarot putting things in place and helping me clear my mind, to move forward. The future is bright.”

Dan Actkinson,United States

“Laura (Phoenix) was recommended to me by a friend and wow! What a beautiful and eye-opening experience this was. I came with so many questions, sort of wondering where to start with changes in my life and my reading was so clarifying. Thanks, Laura, for your kindness and generosity!”

Lina Lis, United States

“I just had a reading, that was amazing! Very detailed and all very spot on as to what’s happening in my life right now. Very happy she shared her gift with me. Would definitely recommend it.”

Monica Carrera FebusUnited States

“Laura really helped give me specific guidance with her reading and also gave me specific tricks and tips. She is a really honest and grounded person and is willing to spend the time with you on whatever you are inquiring about. Definitely, recommend working with her.”

Maris Haynes, United States

I had a wonderful reading today from Ms. Laura. Wonderful being, I chose the abundance blocks reading, and WOW. I was amazed. She literally went through and explained each card, and wow it resonated so much. She also took the time to hear my concerns as she went through explaining the meanings behind the cards. Also, she mentored me through the things that I was feeling mentally and gave me an outlook at the time of which I was not able to see. I really recommend her, one of my best readings thus far.

Bre’Anna Donald, United States

More reviews coming soon..