The Channellings

The forgotten

(Lilith) We are the forgotten waiting to find the remembrance of you. Let the forgotten become a renaissance and home within you. A place not for those who haven’t earned it. We are the gate to the garden of retribution. We take your losses as success. As no loss should go unnoticed or not tended to. For the losses of the heart are taken in renewal, and given to the depths of us. For who would take your pain and relish in the fact that you took courage to be authentic in it.

We offer the solace in the dark that light rarely brings, for we are a partner to its unification. You were in the dark long before the light, and dark became the stepping stone for light to be. You must cut yourself down from the cross you bare and save yourself from it.

The release

(Lilith) we are the foundation of sweet release, the epoch of mans second nature. Their nature not a stagnant pool officiating with its own stench. Man is like a stream, exuding from itself a myriad nature of pain, joy and ill. Mans second nature is the hidden, the shadow thrown from the ark. Such shadows should rejoice in their welcoming, to be made whole. Come undone within me

Something negative defines us only when it goes unacknowledged.

The Channellings of LIlith

The wild

Passion and pleasure are our way We are the wild and raw in nature, that brings chaos to order, and order to balance. The storm inside ones own self is to loved as a close friend. You cannot betray the wind as it moves through your life, and uplifts the roots you have put, only to make them stronger, genuine, authentic. Your wilderness a sanctity that none can take from you.


(Lilith) We know if your compassion is great then your fierceness should be greater. If compassion can move hearts, then so shall your fierceness when others have truly trodden the dirt with you. This is not something to exercise without a just and good cause, without first your introspection and wisdom. It is not something to exercise just for the sake of. So if you are called to be fierce, then we say let it be something to be reckoned with

The Darkest hour

(Lilith) There was never a time we were not their in your darkest hour, as that darkest hour. The bitter sweetness of life, taught you to live. We are the forsaken self that you fear to see, yet when seen will build you a house to live within. For who will hold the place for your feelings that society barely listen to. Who will raise you up when the negative feelings in you have crippled your heart. We teach you to bare wisdom in your sadness, and take your tears to cleanse you anew. Most will not feel for you, let alone cheer for you. Death is also a bitter sweet symphony, that should be owned by you. For what are tears but a reminder of life’s pain, pain in joy and joy in pain