The Channellings of Lilith

The Purification

(Lilith) pain can be purification. A slow burning ember cannot be left to its own defense, for it would seem to burn for all eternity. Instead it is better that you let that fire engulf you entirely until it is spent. Let it consume you fully until you are no more, and become part of it.

Then you will realise pain changes form, as will you with it. The mercy you seek is within the flame and the serpent. To serve your pain as it does you, allows freedom from it.

Daughter of Lilith, own this ring own this power. You are a daughter of desire, a daughter of the fire.

the channellings of lilith

The Pinnacle

(Lilith) We are bound, you and i to the fate of our existence, as if we were one, but so much more. You are bound to your curiosity and i, as we to our dark. We are the pinnacle of your most primal and natural nature. And if we are freed by seeing you in the embrace of that dark, then we too are liberated by that.

Liberation is owed to those who rise to meet It. It is given to those who take solace in the chaos of the world and find peace within it. we are not for the faint of heart, or the wary wonderer who fears their identity. We are for those in equality. For those who bow to we as themselves.

The jump

(Lilith) We ask you to jump and fall, with nothing to catch you. For this is life. The fall the realization that death is your cradle. It is better to crash on the rocks below than live in a tower that never burns. Born of death, returning to death. Life is a glimmer in the eyes of your perceived gods. There is no safety in the cot, at the breast or in leaving the womb. You fall only to be reborn. Building your inner watchtowers to grace, fortified they are, but immovable, and stale becomes the heart. It is only in tearing watchtowers down, in jumping that you are freed. To say yes to death now is truly to live. Then no fall is too great for you.

Sacred Wrath

(Lilith) Revere in your ownership of your sacred wrath, and call it forth as your right. We know Wrath beckons you to power. It rarely beckons to the meek. Wrath is greater than any storm. Do not fear calling your sacred inner volatile, all hidden treasures, waiting to be claimed. And when you do be reminded of me. Let none tame, control or deny you, for their lack of authenticity will be their undoing. Nothing is greater than a woman who owns her wrath.


(Lilith) Your darkness is yours to own, and love. It is your pleasure to fufill its desires. And if others dare drink from the cup you have prepared, then they deserve to be poisoned by it. For those who profess purity, drink from a dark well, which covertly controls them and destroys others, and those who profess their darkness drink from a light well that opens their eyes and integrates with them.

This power, this pleasure of your untouched self calls you home, it seeks a space to navigate within you and make you lift your hand, and the world within yourself moves. It moves to the song of your passions and needs. And you should not deny yourself the freedom of having these things. You cannot deny what you are, unless you torture yourself. And that punishment is not for you, worthy of you, it is not worthy of the Goddess you are.