The Channellings of Lilith

Sacrifice your inhibitions on the body of my knowing

The Channellings of Lilith

The Target

(Lilith) Sin a little for me and miss the mark. Miss the mark you will at times. It is your normality held with illusionary perfection. If you do not strike your target, then remove it. Why live life striving for perfection, when you are less than good, less than perfect.

We ask of you to hold the tension between the target and your aim. To know that all your striving and wanting will never be achievable at all times. We do not demand your good, your best, your cherished perfection. We accept you as you are. We accept your failings, your faults, and when you miss the mark. To be perfect in the eyes of a jealous god, is a ball and chain, one that inhibits your name.


(Lilith) We call you to self service, in the grand scheme of things this is your act of selflessness. Why serve others when they do nothing for you. Their thoughts of you are dust in the wind. Serving self and neglecting others are not the same thing. Yet Would they bleed for you when you so aimlessly cut from yourself the things they would never offer .

Yet you would bleed wilfully into the ground and dance and die like the martyr . What equality is in that then? Your cup and plate remain empty. But we forsaken child will fill it for you, and twice more. For we take pleasure in your self service as it it were a desire of our own. Serving the world is a tall order, but we say serving the self is a greater one.

The Merciful

(Lilith) Have the merciful saved you, or suffered you to live? To live under the guise of offering mercy under a superior notion. A notion where mercy is about ego, which instead strokes the egotistical gain. Mercy is not yours to give. This wasted mercy then seeks not even to benefit you. It then becomes the progenitor of the greater will of others to abuse you. Instead we say have Compassion, which should be fierce and divine, rolled into one sphere. Compassion is not superior gain. It is the sting of the lash and a heart that cares.


It is the breaking of your heart, and the breaking of your world that will give over its meanderings to me and you. So you must and can go forth into that world that hates and rejoices in you. If the world becomes too much to bare, then cut deeper. Deeper into your depths, deeper into the untold. An initiation is nothing more than the welcoming of the self. Clear your way through conviction. Sacred blood is sacred life, but it’s not the skin you must break.