The Channellings of Lilith

The Prayer

(Lilith) When a burden is to great, put it upon my invisible altar, the realm of my being, and know it is seen. Use my mantle as a resting place for your woes. Utter the words that invite me to witness. We know that pain will be a resurrection for you. It will be a crossroad to your choosing, for change or death. Both have their rewards and punishments. Offer up a prayer to your pain, and it will release you into a world of acceptance and knowing.


(Lilith) We choose to be all-encompassing. Wholeness is not divorced from one’s own self. You are not some fetus to eject, or a menses to shed. For those things are sacred, and not treated as such. Who will see the sacred in you if not seen through the eyes of thine own self? When others do not see it, then their eyes are not fit for seeing. It is best then they be blind and turn away, as you sit in your power. How do you deal with what’s in others when you cannot deal with what’s in yourself?

Wholeness seeks wholeness, not parts in others, hoping they will redeem themselves by removing what you consider offending. You cannot demand others remove in them what you do not remove in yourself You cannot pretend to be a superior god on your fabled perch. But perches break when marked with truth and insight. They snap because they were never substantial. Awareness demands no superiority, and no wish to be higher. Awareness calls to the deep bosom of self and the reservoir of light and dark within that are redeemed in your sight.


(Lilith) Absence teaches you nothing about the world, or what you face, nor how to handle it. Your renunciation forms a barrier that is never breached but imagined. Would you renounce so much and live so little? You renounce others and what they believe as your fear of threat is greater. You would be an antagonist to life and yet claim to bathe in freedom and autonomy.

If you have indulged least you have known. The world is not faced through a withdrawal of desire but a surrender to it. Its then desires exhaust you and you can truly decide what you want from causeless aims. We do not find ourselves through a lack of desire but a giving to it. The conception of life was born of it. To be against life is to be against yourself

Severity and Mercy

Do not give yourself to false forgiveness if forced, nor to the decades of the old. What owe you to others, then a black heart, that intensifies its gaze it gives to when wronged. It is better to be real in all things, rather than give yourself to the victimizer who delights in their wrong. What owe you to the person who ravages your kind ways, as though you were a garden to rape. Your insides spilt out onto dry fields that they would have you till. Burn the black flame of your heart when needed. For severity is the extent of mercy and mercy is the extent of severity, and all things should be compassionate first in your wake. Knowing to balance justice with good cause, and chaos with revenge is power’s path. For regret a reminder best not forgot